School Clubbing

Well, soccer has been over with for over a month now.  Good thing too, because as much as I love the sport, I don’t like playing in the snow.  But my afternoons have been pretty boring since our season ended, and though I like other sports, I’m not interested in playing on any other sports teams at school.  One is enough for me.

The boredom thing though, that gets to me.

My friend convinced me to join the book club this year, and I did, but it only meets once a month (as book clubs usually do).  So I’ve tried out a few others before winter break, and I’m choosing between two sport-related ones – snowboarding and rock climbing.  I might go with rock climbing though.  I go snowboarding annually with my family, but rock climbing is something that uses different muscles and I don’t get to do it often on my own.

Still, I can’t wait for next soccer season, even though it’ll be my last one.

– Eric

Dear Internet…

Hey there, it’s Eric.

You might have been directed here from my previous blog, Dear Internet, over on Blogger.  After some thought, I made the decision to switch to due to ease of use and being able to follow other bloggers more easily.  This blog will essentially be the same in the sense that it’ll just be my thoughts about life in general and what’s going on in my personal  life.

I’m going to limit myself to posting at least once a week.  I might write more often; I just want to write on a consistent basis here so I can communicate with bloggers/readers and I figure aspiring for once a week isn’t an intimidating goal (at least for now).

And there you have it friends.  This is the start of a new blog, a new journey, a new year (all that fun, sappy stuff).  I’m looking forward to writing and making connections with people with this new blog.